The recreation and leisure potential

The natural environment and natural assets make the Końskowola commune particularly attractive for investments in recreation and leisure targeted at the residents of the Puławy District, particularly as a “supply base” for Puławy.

The commune is located in the area of the Kazimierz Landscape Park, which is located entirely within the Land of Loess Gorges. It features natural and landscape values which are unique on a European scale and the longest Loess Gorges in Europe, which makes the commune a fine place for active leisure and agri-tourism development.

Active leisure in the commune is facilitated by hiking and cycling trails, as well as a water trail for kayaking.

Planned investments: the artificial lake in Witowice, the sensory park in Brzezinki and the “Geotermia Pulki” thermal baths provide a viable opportunity to increase the attractiveness of Końskowola in this respect and translate into economic growth. The development of the agri-tourism and restaurant base will also be of importance.