The Końskowola Regional Brand

The main idea

The main idea of the Końskowola brand is to present the commune as the leading centre of Polish plant nurseries – a place attractive to both investors and potential residents.

The mission and vision of the brand

The mission of the Końskowola Commune brand is to present the commune as the leading centre for plant nurseries with a high growth potential and a friendly place to live.

The conditions for investment and the development of entrepreneurship, a friendly atmosphere and traditions in plant nurseries are excellent bases for creating the economic brand of the Końskowola commune.

The brand’s distinguishing features

The Końskowola Commune brings to mind extremely positive emotions and has lasting image connotations. These are fully in line with the primary development potential of the commune – plant nurseries.

The brand value system

The value system for the economic brand of the Końskowola Commune contains seven interrelated elements that form a comprehensive and consistent system.

Visual identification system

The inspiration to create a graphical sign for the Końskowola Commune was the distinctive appearance of plant nurseries observed from a bird’s eye view. It is recognisable all over the world, so it should bring to mind appropriate associations with the sector. The foreign language version is the basis for the visual identification system wherever the message is addressed at foreign recipients.