The investment area in Sielce (2)

This private investment site covers an area of 1.5 ha. It ensures good accessibility by road, a well-developed infrastructure, and a number of tax reliefs and incentives.

– Accessibility – the investment site offers indirect access to the nearest roads, including national road No. 17 (a distance of around 0.25 km), voivodeship road No. 824 (approximately 6 km) and district road No. 2508L (around 1.7 km). Indirect access to railway line No. 7 is provided at a distance of 7 km (the nearest station – Puławy). The distance from the Świdnik airport is around 54 km.

– The intended use in the binding planning documents of the commune / The acceptable nuisance level of the projected investments – in accordance with the binding Local Development Plan, the area may be used for industrial purposes, and also for various centres, storehouses and investments that can have a potentially substantial environmental impact.

– The development of the infrastructure – electricity, water supply and gas supply networks, a sanitary system and telephone lines.

– The investment site location in respect of other areas protected under legal and planning documents / Other conditions – the investment site is located at a distance of approximately 1 km the “Kozi Bór” Protected Landscape Area.

– Additional advantages:

  • Very good accessibility – national roads Nos. 12 and 17, and railway line No. 7 (Warsaw – Kiev) run through the commune area.
  • Its short distance from Puławy which is a major sub-regional economic centre specialising in industry, and in scientific and research activities.
  • Its location in the southern part of the Commune, in an area displaying exceptional tourist values, conducive to the Its location Its location in the southern part of the Commune, in an area displaying exceptional tourist values, conducive to the development of various forms of tourism (including hiking, cycling, water tourism, horse-riding, skiing, fishing and extreme sports), and also agri-tourism.
  • Membership in the Land of Loess Gorges Local Tourist Organisation.
  • Favourable agricultural and ecological conditions to fruit and vegetable farming, and long-standing floriculture traditions.
  • The activities of the Centre of Agricultural Consulting in Końskowola.

– The system of tax reliefs and incentives:

  • Exemption from property tax in connection with the launching of new investments within the Końskowola Commune, as part of the programme of de minimis aid (under Commission Regulation (EC) No. 1998/2006 of 15 December 2006 on the application of Articles 87 and 88 of the Treaty to de minimis aid (Official Journal of the EU L 379 of 28.12.2006).
  • Property tax exemption applies to buildings and structures, or parts thereof, and to land used for conducting business activities, within which new investments have been launched, and new jobs have been created in connection with such investments, for the period of

a. 12 months on creating from 5 to 19 new jobs in connection with a new investment – 100% exemption;

b. 24 months on creating from 20 to 49 new jobs in connection with a new investment – 100% exemption in the first year and 50% exemption in the second year;

c. 36 months on creating 50 new jobs and more in connection with a new investment – 100% exemption in the first year, 50% exemption in the second year and 25% exemption in the third year.

  • This exemption does not cover the land, buildings or structures owned by entrepreneurs acquired through transforming, combining, taking over or dividing other business entities previously operating within the Końskowola Commune. Any changes to the entrepreneur’s, name or restructuring, shall not form grounds for applying  property tax exemption.
  • The exemption is granted in consideration of, and under the principles stipulated in, the aforementioned Regulation, and the Polish provisions regarding de minimis aid.