The social infrastructure

The commune takes all necessary action to improve the living conditions and create a favourable environment for the functioning and social development of its residents, regardless of their age. That is why its investments include social infrastructure.

  • healthcare – there are two primary healthcare centres in the area of the commune, providing primary medical services to the residents. Secondary care is available outside the commune – in Ryki, Lublin and Puławy.
  • Education and culture – there are three state primary schools, one privately owned primary school and one middle school in the commune. Residents can also take advantage of two nursery schools and three nursery school departments. Each school has its own sports hall. In 2012 the “My Sports Field – ORLIK 2012” complex of sporting fields was built in Końskowola. Cultural activities are carried out by the Commune Culture Centre connected with the Commune Public Library.
  • Security – the security of residents of Końskowola is maintained by police officers from the District Police Headquarters in Puławy, with community support officers responsible for the area of the commune. An efficient emergency and fire system is bolstered by 11 Volunteer Fire Departments, who are also active in the fields of culture and environmental protection.

Offices – Końskowola has the Końskowola Commune Office and a Social Assistance Centre. The Końskowola Commune is also home to the Lublin Centre of Agricultural Consulting and a Poczta Polska Post Office.