The economic infrastructure

A high level of technical infrastructure development distinguishes the Końskowola commune from other communes in the Lublin Region. It results from specific measures systematically implemented by the commune with a view to improving the conditions and quality of life of its residents, and to making it more attractive both to prospective investors and tourists.

  • The water economy – the residents of the Końskowola Commune are provided with good access to the water supply infrastructure. The vast majority of the commune is connected to the water supply system (although some residents still opt for their own water intakes).

The construction of a water supply and sewage system, forming part of the coherent commune development plan, is meant not only to extend the current technical infrastructure, but also to foster regional growth. The Końskowola Commune is implementing a partnership-based inter-commune water supply and sewage system project as part of the Puławy Agglomeration.

  • The power supply infrastructure – the commune is adequately equipped with power supply networks. Its area features overhead power lines (400 kW, 220 kW and 110 kW), with the switching station being located in Rudy. Given the constantly growing demand for electricity among its residents, the commune envisages further investments related to renewable sources of energy, including biogas plants and photovoltaic power stations.

The commune also has a comprehensive telephone line, and its gas supply system reaches 15 out of 16 villages.