The absorptive power of the market

Due to its proximity to the district and voivodeship capitals, the absorptive power of the commune’s market is high. Thanks to a good transport system, including public transport, it also features high accessibility. This means that the commune can be reached by customers from other villages and cities looking for specialist goods, but also casual customers.

In the case of the Końskowola commune, the absorptive power of the market should be considered at the district level. The area of Puławy and its surroundings naturally attracts the residents of nearby communes.

The Puławy District is as high as third in the voivodeship in terms of population. More than 116 thousand residents make it a very attractive area in terms of the absorptive power of the market. The average monthly wages and salaries in the Puławy District in 2012 was PLN 3,662.83, which constitutes 97.8% of the national average (3rd place in the voivodeship).