The consistent increase in the number of businesses reflects the rising population of the Końskowola Commune. These entities are able to remain on the market and closures are not necessary.

The constantly growing number of businesses has resulted in the good position of the Końskowola Commune among the communes of the Puławy District in terms of the business activity index and the number of private businesses per 1,000 residents. In terms of the number of businesses per 1,000 residents (66.7) and the business activity index (107.7) the Końskowola Commune is in the middle of the list of all Puławy District’s communes and one of the best among the district’s rural communes.

An analysis of the profile of businesses shows that the primary area of business activity in the commune is trade. Companies operating in the construction and agricultural sectors (forestry, fishing, hunting), manufacturing, transport and storage, also play a significant role. There is no shortage of businesses dealing in professional, scientific and technical activities. There still exists a large niche in the agritourist sector (hotel, tourist and recreation services).

A rising number of businesses providing services to the agricultural sector can be found in the commune. The situation is connected with plant nursery traditions and the presence in Końskowola of the Lublin Centre of Agriculture Consulting.

The vast majority of the businesses operating in the commune are microenterprises employing up to 9 people. There is also one big enterprise with 250-999 employees. The most popular form of business activity is self-employment (79%). Other forms include civil law partnerships (6%) and commercial law companies (4%). 6% of all businesses are cooperatives, foundations and associations.